HGW Family Hike @ Redwood Park 4pm

HGW Family Hike @ Redwood Park 4pm

This educational hike will  focus on what it takes to manage a forest that sits within or parallel to city limits thanks to our guide Mike McDowall of the City of Arcata Natural Resources Dept.

We will observe the bark of redwood trees, gaze up at the canopy and discuss how spotted owls, fisheries, wildlife and botany overall contribute to a healthy ecosystem.

Bring the family and wear some comfortable sneakers with a good tread. This hike will cater to all skill levels, beginners and children welcome.

We will also summarize our observations immediately following the hike for anyone that is unable to join us for the hike portion from 4:45 until 5:15.

Hope to see you there for a fun afternoon exploration! Get up! Get Outside! Get Green!