Purple Couch Humboldt Presents: Soohan w/ Av8triX & Jason Burress Future Bass & Chill Trap @ The Jam 10pm

Purple Couch‎Purple Couch Humboldt Presents : Soohan Av8triX & Jason Burruss

Purple Couch Humboldt Presents: Soohan w/ Av8triX & Jason Burress Future Bass & Chill Trap @ The Jam 10pm

Purple Couch Presents.. Soohan with Av8triX and Jason Burress

APRIL 14, 2017 10:00 PM – 1:45 AM
Time: 10:00pm     Day: Friday     Doors: 9:00pm     Ages: 21+ Ages   
Purple Couch Presents
SOOHAN (Tribal Trap), Av8triX (Chill Trap), and Jason Burruss (Future Bass)
The Jam – 915 H St., Arcata, CA
Saturday, April 14 (10 PM – 2 AM)
$15, tickets at the door~ SOOHAN (Baltimore)
soundcloud.com/soohan“Soohan takes us on a multi-faceted journey across the globe, pulling from the traditional music of various cultures and from the depths of our nostalgia. His unique sound sets him apart from many popular bass music acts, and has earned him a cult following across the US.

Garnering streams in the hundreds of thousands and a slew of festival appearances over the last few years, SOOHAN has quickly established himself as a foremost presence in global bass + electronic music scenes.His style is a signature blend of outlandish trap-influenced production, dashed against the backdrop of regional folk music selections that span the entire globe.

With an approach that invites exploration into the musical stylings it remixes, Soohan does his part to bring sample-based music into 2017 with Archetapes, his fourth full-length album.”


~ Av8triX /// Lindsey Jean Mullins (Humboldt, CA)

“Lindsey’s love for Future RnB, Hip Hop, and deep bass music has led her to delve into the creative world of live mixing. Bringing chill mid tempo bass music to the floor in eclectic patterns to instill hip hop nostalgia alongside psychedelic inspirations.

In the Summer Lindsey can be found behind the scenes in the Northern CA music festival industry, where she works as Hospitality coordinator for Northern Nights Music Festival and Art Gallery Manager at Enchanted Forest and Lucidity. She is creating a special mix to share with our guests to set the vibes right.

~ Jason Burruss (Denver /// Humboldt)

“Jason Burruss creates thematic auditory experiences that are carefully curated to the time, setting, and atmosphere of the venue. Healing bass tones, ethnic grooves, and futuristic vocals and synths are often layered into his palette of live music mixes.

Dreams are created. Through these layered and sampled textures of music the vibration of all music and the separations of genre are healed.

“While focusing on deep healing bass tones the instrumental leads of my mixes are of a broad range of carefully chosen spectrums. Bringing the listener in and out of dreamscapes, in and out of ambience and bass, in and out of down and mid tempos. I believe in creating a spectrum of emotional resonance, from inspiring and hopeful tones to deep dark tribal bass rhythms.” ”