2nd Annual Medicinal Cannabis Conference @ Arcata Community Center

2nd Annual Medicinal Cannabis Conference @ Arcata Community Center

Medicinal Cannabis Conference @ ACC

The 2016 Medicinal Cannabis Conference will present growing details, clinical pearls and the current research on Cannabis. Presenters are international, national and local experts that will utilize substantiated research and experience to advance your knowledge base on Cannabis to the next level. It is important that consumers, growers, and our medical providers can make more educated and effective decisions concerning the medicinal applications of cannabis.

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Contact Information: 

Dandelion Herbal Center
(707)442-8157  or  janeb@arcatanet.com

Words of inspiration from the 2015 conference.

“This was truly an excellent conference! Overall organization and support was top-notch, and the weekend was infused with such a wholesome spirit. I came away feeling nourished and more knowledgeable, and grateful to have been able to attend. I look forward to this conference, continuing to grow with the science, and with so many sincere, heartfelt people, as we all learn more together.”–Mark