Get Involved

Humboldt Green Week is interested in your organization’s objectives and is in support of helping businesses meet their goals as a company. HGW is a great way to get involved with the local community and to be able to market your company’s objectives to a wider audience. Signing on for sponsorship early helps add to the success of HGW with more time to plan and create events that resonate with Sponsor goals. 

We are grateful to our sponsors and volunteers for helping to build bridges to connect local Nonprofit organizations, businesses and local residents to showcase the heart of the community during Humboldt Green Week. HGW is a wonderful reflection of the passion and power our community has to create a spirited environment, focusing on work that future generations will benefit from.

Humboldt Green Week Sponsorship Benefits

• Share the heart of your organization with the community in an impactful way.

• Align your organization to local causes our community is passionate about.

• Expose your brand and connect with new customers and community members.

• Share knowledge and educate the community on things that matter most to your brand.

Please consider supporting Humboldt Green Week 2020. With your help, we can continue to provide a space to advance the ideals of our community while building bridges, honoring the environment, supporting the local economy and promoting music, art and solutions through action. Join us in showcasing a week of gatherings to celebrate Earth Day 2020 and this special place we call Humboldt!

Please contact Humboldt Green if you have any questions about HGW sponsorship packages or volunteer positions available. Email or call 707.407.7345 for more information.